Ridgistorm-XL Large Diameter Pipe System

Ridgistorm-XL: The Versatile Solution

Ridgistorm-XL is an engineered thermoplastic large diameter pipe system, in diameters 750-3000mm, for use in a wide variety of applications including surface water, foul water, combined sewers, large scale flood alleviation schemes, renewable energy and even displacement ventilation.


It is robust, reliable and long lasting, with a design life in excess of 100 years, making it one of the most adaptable large diameter piping solutions in the UK. By analysing site conditions and installation parameters, the system can be engineered to exact stiffness classifications so that it meets the required loading specification for a project without being over or under specified.


Standards, approvals and certifications


  • Water Company Approved for Capital Works projects and installations under Section 104, Section 106 and Section 38 agreements
  • Compliant with MCHW, Volume 1 Specification for Highway Works Series 500*
  • AIP acceptance to Specification for Highway Works Series 2500 through BD2/05 Standard for Highway Schemes
  • Structural calculations in accordance with BS EN 1295-1, the structural design standard for buried pipelines
  • WRc approved
  • Manufactured to meet the material and performance requirements of BS EN 13476: 2007 (Part 1-3), Plastic Piping Systems for Non-Pressure Underground Drainage and Sewerage
  • Compliant with the requirements of the Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry - 7th Edition (CESWI)
  • Compliant with the requirements of Sewers for Adoption - 7th Edition (SfA)
  • Compliant with the requirements of Sewers for Scotland - 3rd Edition (SfS)
  • Certified to BSI ISO 9001 and BSI ISO 14001


*SHW Series 500 applies to 750 and 900mm only


Features & Benefits


  • Diameters 750 - 3000mm
  • Pipe lengths 1.25m – 12m
  • Integrally socketed system to aid pipe alignment
  • Modularised system incorporating flow controllers, treatment devices, manholes and fittings pre-fabricated off-site
  • Lighter weight reduces plant requirements
  • Electro-fusion welding, seal jointing & extrusion welding
  • Extremely durable – service lifetime expectancy of at least 100 years
  • Designed to optimum stiffness classification
  • Excellent load bearing capability
  • Superior performance in areas of differential settlement
  • Excellent resistance to sulphate and chemical attack
  • Superior hydraulic performance achieved through smooth bore
  • 100% recyclable
  • Pre-fabricated dry weather flow channels available
  • Saddles available for 150mm lateral pipe connections



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