Water management in Mining

Polypipe provides plastic pipe systems for a variety of gravity and pressurised applications, which provide solutions to a number of mining processes, including transport infrastructure, water delivery and distribution, de-watering and storage, processing, water treatment, as well as welfare infrastructure.  To meet the needs of any mining project, Polypipe is able to engage at an early stage to deliver technical support throughout the project, from concept development to installation, and customisation of its plastic pipe systems accordingly.

We know that the mining process relies heavily on water use and have identified that effective water management is essential Polypipe is therefore able to meet the most challenging supply demands and minimise downtime, ensuring quality systems are delivered on time and to customer specification.  Polypipe offers the widest plastic piping product range available providing a one stop shop solution to our customers.

Harness you H2O

  • Water Use in Mining

    Current global demand for water is at the level of 4,500 billion m³ a year and is expected to rise to 6,900 billion m³ by 2030.  

  • Water use in mining - Water a precious Resource

    Water – a precious resource

    Water is a precious resource that needs to be protected and managed to enable the smooth running of any mining operation. In mines, where mineral extraction processes rely heavily on water,



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