For Contractors and Installers

Ventilation Solutions for Contractors and Installers


At Polypipe we know that time, projects costs and ease of installation are all important considerations for Contractors and Installers. That’s why within the design and engineering process we always consider how we can improve these elements for you.

  • Domus Rigid Duct Systems

    • Manufactured to exact tolerances to minimise pressure drop and improve system efficiency - most importantly no duct boding
    • Offers unrivalled quality to eliminate air leakages and maintain air flow rates
    • Includes products designed to save time, improve performance and comply with Building Regulations


  • Domus Radial Semi-Rigid Duct Systems

    • Up to 60% quicker and easier to install, saving you time and money
    • Available as parts scheduled for your project or as easy to order pre-selected house packs for straightforward selection
    • Rapid fixing mechanisms for quick and secure installation, with no air leakages
    • Corrugated construction and the unique material formulation of Radial duct resists stress cracking and on-site damage


  • Silavent Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)

    • Only 11.5kg in weight for an easy, one-man lift
    • Designed for left or right installation – no restrictions or need for complex duct runs
    • Significantly low Specific Fan Powers and high heat exchange efficiencies
    • Easier and quicker to install, commission and maintain compared with other 


  • Silavent Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV)

    • Helps provide healthy and clean indoor air
    • Significantly low Specific Fan for reduced Dwelling Emission Rates (DER) and additional SAP points
    • Exceptionally compact (125mm deep) and lightweight (3.25kg), ideal for small ceiling void depths
    • Easily fits into joist spaces and quick to install


  • Silavent Decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation (dMEV)

    • Provides very quiet levels of continuous ventilation, so as not to disturb home occupants
    • Offers peace of mind that the units comply with current Building Regulations; ideal for new build developments
    • Extremely low Specific Fan Powers for additional SAP points


  • Silavent Bathroom and Kitchen Fans

    • Stylish modern design to suit internal décor
    • Very quiet performance levels so as not to disturb occupants
    • Use 70% less power on standby than other low energy fans, whilst complying with current Building Regulations


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