Firetrap Sleeves

You can hinder the spread of fire via pipe penetrations by using our cost-effective Firetrap Sleeves which maintain similar thermal and acoustic properties to standard mineral fibre insulation.

Our sleeves are quick and easy to install, you simply fit them onto the pipe and slide them into the penetration, making sure there are no air gaps around the sleeves by filling them with mortar or mastic. Should there be a fire, the sleeves will expand to fill the available space (15mm max) between the pipe and the penetration and will crush and close off plastic drainage pipes. The sleeves form a solid char preventing the passage of fire and smoke to the adjacent compartment.

Our Terrain Firetrap Sleeves offer up to a 4 hour fire rating under BS 476 Part 20, BS EN 1366-3 and has been acoustically tested in a plasterboard partition system under UKAS conditions, in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-3:1995 and BS EN ISO 717-1:1997.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 4 Hour Fire Rating to BS 476 Part 20, BS EN 1366-3
  • Protects compartments above and below the slab
  • Easy to install
  • No need for mechanical fixings or to drill slab
  • Easily cut to size to minimise wastage
  • Can be retro-fitted
  • Can accept hole irregularities of up to 15mm
  • Offers excellent acoustic insulation
  • Maintains the thermal insulation of the pipe through the slab or wall penetration
  • Maintains vapour seal of existing insulation
  • Allows for thermal movement of pipe
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