Flood Alleviation

Flood alleviation is a planning requirement for all developments and must link in to the lead local flood authority's overall regional flood alleviation plan. Engineered SuDS solutions are increasingly required, with developers needing to store greater volumes of surface water, whilst balancing the provision of land for housing and public amenities, to meet the requirements set for ever-increasing storm events.


Using engineered systems such as Polystorm and Ridgistorm-XL helps to reduce the risk of localised flooding by collecting excess stormwater run-off, which can then gradually drain away via a flow control device such as RIDGISTORM Check Chambers, once the storm has passed, or infiltrate into the ground.

Working with Polypipe, it is also possible to incorporate source control methods within a site, utilising Permavoid to create smaller catchment areas to both store and slow down the run-off from hard standing areas such as roofs, individual drives, car parks and pavements.


Ridgistorm-XL single pipe runs or multi-leg tanks offer flexibility in design and can form part of an engineered solution, being located under highways or POS (public open space) areas.

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