Water Re-use

Water re-use for Commercial and Public Buildings
Up to 80% of the water a commercial or public building consumes is used for non-potable applications such as toilet flushing, irrigation and evaporative cooling. Much of this could be provided by harvested rainwater.


We would suggest using our Polypipe Rainstream System for this application.

The principle of rainwater harvesting and re-use:


  1. Rainwater falling onto roofs can be collected by a variety of measures which include gravity and siphonic systems.
  2. Pre-tank filtration then removes any larger pieces of debris such as leaves, before the collected water passes to the storage tank.
  3. The storage tank can be located in a building, surface mounted externally or buried below the surface of the site.
  4. Captured water is distributed either through a direct, indirect or boosted return system with increased refinement of filtration and disinfection as required by the application.
  5. A closed loop control system monitors the system in real time and delivers water on demand to the appliances.
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