Impervious and Pervious Pavements

Within Impervious Pavements
With impervious pavements Permavoid can be installed as a replacement for granular sub-base to enhance the attenuation capacity due to the high void ratio of the Permavoid modular cell. Permachannel and Permaceptors are used to capture water out of the hard standing areas. They treat surface water run-off and transfer the flow into the adjoining Permavoid layer.



Within Pervious Pavements
When Permavoid is installed as a replacement for granular sub-base; the attenuation capacity of pervious pavements can be significantly increased. This is due to the high volume ratio of the Permavoid modular cell. The thickness of traditional granular layers may be reduced in many instances. The water treatment efficiency of the pavement can also be significantly enhanced by the introduction of Permafilter oil treatment geotextile at formation level to prevent any excess oils and hydrocarbons from passing through the storage system. This is also relevant where pavements are designed as infiltration features.

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