Incheon International Airport takes off with Polypipe

Thursday 30th March 2017

    Polypipe International, working with HydroMax, has supplied the largest airport in South Korea with its proven siphonic drainage system.


    As the biggest airport in South Korea, and one of the busiest in the world, if Incheon International Airport didn’t have perfectly performing drainage during heavy rainfall, the effect would be felt across Asia. Polypipe International and HydroMax were called upon to supply a siphonic drainage system across phase three of the new airport terminal construction.


    The HydroMax siphonic system provides a complete and proven way of removing large volumes of rainwater from roofs in a controlled manner. HydroMax siphonics uses naturally induced siphonic principles to ‘suck’ rainwater from the roof into small diameter pipes, creating a flow capacity up to ten times greater than that of an equivalent gravity-fed system. This ensured that pipework could be installed horizontally, giving complete freedom in the design of the system.


    The Incheon International Airport project is set for completion in early 2017.


    For more information and to download the case study pdf please follow this link

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