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Wednesday 18th April 2018
Water management in mining



Productivity is one of the biggest challenges that mining companies face, and unexpected downtime can easily cost a mining company over £1 million per day.  Rewind 50 years ago and there were two major contributors to the decline in the mining industry’s productivity; high capital spending and high operating expenses.  However, this is still a prevalent issue in the industry, and it presents mining company leaders with many difficult choices such as whether a mine should reduce their workforce, increase capital spending to improve equipment, or increase output at all costs.


With this in mind, I believe mining companies need to think about how they can improve productivity in the long run. One way in which this can done is by investing in gravity-fed pipelines, where possible, rather than pressure pipes.  HDPE twin-wall pipes can be used for non-pressurised surface and subsurface drainage, leachate collection and storm water drainage. A HDPE twin-wall pipeline is an effective solution due to its smooth internal bore and low resistance to flow and are generally self-cleansing, offering greater resistance to scaling than traditional materials. 


The use of HDPE twin wall pipes helps to reduce manufacturing footprint upon the environment, freight costs and on-site handling. It also provides a lightweight option to reduce transport time and installation costs and has a longevity of more than 60 years, offering long-term performance along with client and contractor peace of mind. All of these benefits play a large part in improving productivity for a mine owner.


Productivity improvement is challenging but by making simple decisions regarding pipeline choices, mining companies can ensure a higher performance in the future.  To find out more about Polypipe and its thoughts on water management in mining, download the whitepaper here: http://www.international.polypipe.com/harnessyourh20


Polypipe is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of piping systems, water management solutions and energy-efficient ventilation systems, delivering engineered solutions spanning the residential, commercial, civils and infrastructure, and public non-housing sectors in the UK and selected markets across the globe.

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