Our sustainable journey

At Polypipe, our commitment to sustainability flows from our way of working, to build and develop a sustainable business, through to taking solutions to market that are by nature of their application enabling a sustainable and resilient built environment.

Polypipe has invested heavily and optimised its own recycling and polymer processing plant at the Horncastle site. Furthermore, Polypipe works with industry leading partners such as Veolia to source quality recyclable bales of plastic bottles and containers.


This allows the Company to create products from recycled plastics, reducing transport and the number of processing steps to convert recyclate into a high performing product, ensuring quality control throughout.


Not only is the polymer material recyclable at the end of its product life, which is designed to be at least 50 years, the benefits of plastic make it a much more considerate choice for the environment versus alternative materials. Concrete, clay, copper, steel and ductile iron pipe systems all require significantly more haulage and specialist lifting equipment than much lighter plastics, which means that the use of Polypipe systems greatly reduces carbon emissions in delivery and installation.


In 2017, Polypipe recycled 44,000 tonnes of plastic, of which 17,500 tonnes came from recyclable plastic bottles and containers. As such, recycled plastic accounted for 75% of the raw material consumed by our Civils and Infrastructure Division in 2017, to produce pipes that were destined to be buried in the ground in applications that will manage and treat rainwater and stormwater.

  • Climate Management Solutions

    As with our Water Management solutions, Polypipe’s Climate Management solutions satisfy the most stringent of Government legislation.

  • Water Management Solutions

    As cities become more populated and as weather events become more extreme more frequently, no single technical solution can claim to resolve these issues by itself.