Permachannel - Product Code: PVO3001


Permachannel functions as a combined run-off collection, silt/oil interceptor and treatment component within the Permavoid System. Ideally it is laid with zero gradient to prevent lateral velocities, ‘stilling’ sheet run-off from each sub-catchment and encouraging silt deposition within each channel.


The outlets discharge from the side of the channel via a weir and baffle component, which separates oils and prevents effluent and silt from progressing beyond the channel into the rest of the drainage system.


Permachannel is used for stormwater collection, interception and treatment of associated pollutants. The system comprises of single or multiple interconnected channels appropriately located to collect surface water run-off from sub-catchments of either impervious or pervious pavements. Permachannel is suitable for use in a range of applications including residential, industrial estates, car parks, sports pitches, roofs, basements, pedestrian areas and rainwater harvesting.


Permachannel is rated to D400 loading in accordance with BS EN 124:1994 when installed with concrete bed and haunch in accordance with site specific construction details.


Installation Standard
Permachannel must be installed on a load bearing concrete bed and haunch, in accordance with site specific construction details.


Features & Benefits


  • Gravity separation of oils and silts at source
  • Trapped effluent naturally treated by aerobic digestion
  • Can enhance water quality and eliminate the need for end of line petrol/oil interceptors
  • Can reduce hydrocarbon pollution loading below 5mg/l
  • The system complies with the regulations of the treatment train criteria in a SuDS scheme as defined in PPG3
  • 100% recyclable


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