Polypipe's range of Polygaz pipes us used for the conveyance of gas. All pipes are black with a yellow stripe to signify suitability for use in natural gas distribution. 

Available in PE80 and PE100 material, sizes 20 to 160mm and SDR ratings 7.4 - 17.


Technological advantages

  • Conforms to NF114 (Group 1) and DIN EN 1555-2 standards, Polygaz is one of the most reliable and safe solutions to gas distribution between pressures of 4 to 8 bar. 
  • Easy to use, lightweight and adaptable to difficult layouts. Polygaz can absorb minor shocks from installation or earth movements and expand up to 500%.
  • Resistant to abrasion and corrosion. Polygaz is compliant to NFT 54-070 and ISO TR10358 as the product is inert and is resistant to chemical and electrical corrosion.
  • Able to fuse pipes together for continuous pipe systems and has smooth bores for good gas flow.
  • Polygaz has a long service life and is able to be recycled.


Installation advantages

  • Quick and easy installation thanks to the lightness, long length pipes and ease of connecting pipes together.
  • From the factories continuous extrusion process and unique mechical properties customers are able to order larger length pipes to suit project needs (several hundred metres).
  • Polygaz is flexible and adaptable to project installation requirements with no compromise on integrity and product performance.




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