Silavent Decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation

Stylishly designed to discreetly complement modern interior design schemes, our dMEV Silavent Sapphire range offers exceptionally high levels of energy efficient performance and operate almost silently; ensuring homeowners are not disturbed whilst maintaining continuous and effective balanced ventilation.

Offers continuous low level ventilation to a single wet room, coupled with virtually silent operation.


Silavent Sapphire Axial dMEV
Up to 1.5m of duct

Silavent Sapphire Centrifugal dMEV
Up to 6.0m of duct


How dMEV Works

Also known as System 3 in Approved Document F of the Building Regulations, decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation (dMEV) systems incorporate continuously running extract fans, designed to remove waste and moist air from a single wet room.

dMEV fans continuously extract the waste air at both low trickle or boost speeds, as determined by the homeowner through a range of control options. Replacement fresh air is then drawn into the dwelling via background ventilators located in the habitable rooms. As an added benefit incorporating a dMEV system will also help to lower a property’s Dwelling Emission Rate (DER) and therefore provide a higher SAP rating.

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