Silavent Mechanical Extract Ventilation

A continuous, effective and efficient means of maintaining the indoor air quality that you breathe and live in.

Particularly in new modern air tight properties, a build-up of condensation, mould and stale air can negatively impact the health of occupants and the fabric of the home. Installing an energy efficient Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) system will effectively help to remove these pollutants and maintain a healthy indoor air quality.


Read about how MEV works further below, or select your most suitable appliance:


Silavent Green Line CMX

  • Suitable for a floor area up to 275m²

Note: If the floor area if greater than 275m², multiples of Silavent CMX units can be sited. Silavent Acoustic Attenuating Freshflo Ventilator


A solution for fresh air in noisy areas


How MEV Works

Also referred to as System 3 in Approved Document F of the Building Regulations, an MEV system consists of a centralised ventilation unit that continuously extracts waste, polluted and moist air from wet rooms and can be discreetly positioned in either a cupboard, utility room, ceiling or loft space. An MEV system can be ducted throughout the dwelling and operated by the homeowner through a range of control options.

Typically dual speed, MEV systems provide both low speed continuous trickle ventilation and high speed boost flow when required. Replacement fresh air is drawn into the dwelling through background ventilators i.e. air inlets, located in the living areas.

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