Solid floor

Underfloor heating solid floors  

Underfloor heating for solid or screeded floors are predominately installed in new build or renovation where the floor needs to be excavated.  Our underfloor heating offers three systems for solid or screeded floors; the unique Polypipe Red Floor Panel system ensuring an accurate installation and positioning along with the more traidional clip rail and staple systems.


All systems

Solid floor systems are compatible with Polypipes 15mm, 16mm and 18mm pipe ranges.  Polypipe's underfloor heating systems can be used with the following solid floor construction:

  • Sand and cement screed (4:1 mix)
  • Fine or heavy concrete
  • Pumped screed systems (anhydrite etc.)
  • Polymer modified screeds


NOTE: Once a screed is poured, the Red Floor Panel will take up 15% of the volume of the screed.


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