Water & Gas Supply

Polypipe water and gas

Supplying water and gas to, in and around a building can provide many challenges, often due to the varying pipe sizes and materials required and more importantly, the varying pressures and temperatures involved.


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Water & Gas distribution

Range of high performance polyethylene pressure pipe systems that provide strong yet flexible solutions for above and below ground water and gass supply and distribution.


Polypipe's solutions can uniquely address all of these factors, providing an extensive range of systems that are designed to be fully compatible, whilst offering multiple options to meet installers' preferences.




Plastic Plumbing

Addressing a broad range of requirements for domestic plumbing and mechanical services.

  • The Benefits of Plastics

    Why use plastic above ground plumbing? Plastic plumbing components offer a wide range of advantages compared to traditional materials such as copper.

  • Speed and Ease of Installation

    To save time on-site, our water supply systems have been designed to be quick and easy to install. Pipes are easier to transport and handle as they’re made from lightweight polyethylene, whi

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