Surestop, the modern alternative to the brass stopcock – now you can turn off your mains water supply with the flick of a switch


Surestop Facts

  • Our remote water switches and stopcocks can be located in an easily accessible position such as just above the worktop or inside a kitchen cupboard door
  • The product can be installed in under an hour and operates solely on water pressure (No batteries or electricity required!)
  • Available to fit typical household 15mm or 22mm pipework
  • The Surestop was invented in the UK and is manufactured in Birmingham using components from UK suppliers
  • Since 1999, hundreds of thousands have been sold




Fitting a Surestop can prevent…

  • The financial cost of water damage including emergency call outs and repairs
  • The emotional upheaval of suffering water damage
  • Trying to use a difficult to reach and hard to turn brass stopcock
  • Your home insurance premiums rising 



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